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  2002.11   ⵵ (GRRC)

                Chartered by Gyeonggi Province as one of the GRRC


  2002.12   ںǰ ÷ Ϳ ȣ

                Formed collaboration with the Korea Electronics

                Technology Institute


  2002.12   Z AMLCD ҿ ȣ

                Formed collaboration with Samsungs AMLCD Center


  2002.12   LG Philips LCD ҿ ȣ

                Formed collaboration with LG Philips LCD Center


  2003.01    ҿ м

                Formed collaboration with LC Center of Tokyo Institute of                 Technology


  2003.02    ҽ

                Opening Symposium for MRCID


  2003.06    ߼ұ йи   

                Named as the Support Organization for Small and

                Medium-sized Businesses in Gyeonggi  Province


  2003. 09  ÷ ҽÿ

                Formed Display Materials Consortium


  2004. 12  ڿ

                ÷ ǰ· ż(RIC) ġ

                RIC-CAMID chartered by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry,

                and Energy

 2005. 07   ÷ Ưȭ ġ

                Display Project of Kyung Hee University chartered by the
                Ministry of Education & Human Resources Development

  2007. 11
   6ȸ -'.. ÷ Ư'
                6th International Symposium on Display Materials