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    ߽ , LG-Philips LCD ÷ ϴ ̿ õ ǰ· ϴ ߼ұ ġ ÷ ٽ ִ.  ̿ ÷ Ʈ ġ б (MRCID) ÷ ߽ Ǿ ߼Ҿü , η Ʈũ ν ߼ұ Ȱȭ ⿩ϰ ϸ, ʱ ȭϰ Ѵ.


    The city of Suwon and its vicinity in Gyeonggi Province of Korea is becoming a central hub of domestic display industry. This region houses major display manufacturers such as Samsung, LG-Philips, and Hyundai in addition to numerous smaller companies which develop display related materials and components. The Materials Research Center for Information Display located in Kyung Hee University of Suwon, Korea, plans and conducts focused programs of innovative research, education, and economic development that advance the global competitiveness and security of the businesses in display industry of Gyeonggi Province.